Serve at Tejas

Come Volunteer at Tejas!

Jan 9th, Feb 6th, March 13th, May 8th

Come help set the stage for Jesus to transform lives. This weekend will be a ton of fun serving together.

Here is a list of items we need help with!

  • Brush clearing
  • Painting
  • Furniture moving
  • Mowing
  • Tree removal
  • Flowerbed maintenance
  • Storage cleanup

If you have other talents, let us know and we will plug you in!

about tejas

Tejas is a premiere Christian retreat center outside Giddings, Texas, that allows groups of all ages to come rest, relax, and retreat. Get away from daily distractions, build friendships, and focus on your relationship with Christ. Tejas provides facilities, meals, and recreational activities to allow groups freedom. We look forward to partnering with your ministry to Set the Stage for Jesus to Transform Lives.


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Serve at Tejas

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