I like tasks. I feel good when I can check them off and move on to something else. I remember growing up and my dad creating a punch list for our family home. It was three pages and single spaced. Now imagine our punch list at Tejas with over 40 buildings, recreation areas and 140 acres of beautiful landscape. Our team here at Tejas does an amazing job crossing things off, re-prioritizing and going with the flow when things break.

Although I would love to praise all the people who help out here at Tejas to make it a wonderful place, I mention this to bring up how Christ is working even when we are not. The other day as I was outside looking over our new plans for the Cunningham Terrace, it started to rain and I had to run under cover. Instead of going back to the office to wait it out, I decided to sit and just be. Right then a camper came and sat beside me and just opened up about his home life, struggles with divorced parents and his need for Christ in his life. He had never been to camp before and just felt that he should go to a Christian camp this summer to gain more understanding of his relationship with Christ. If I had only focused on my to do list, I would have missed out where Jesus wanted me to be a listening ear.

Last month I asked for prayer for the campers this summer and I look at that opportunity as an answer to prayer.

Thank you. I share all this to encourage you as you work on tasks and check them off, remember to also be tuned into the tasks that God calls us to that are more important than our earthly ones.

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