The old tennis court and block retaining wall by the Dining Hall and Cunningham Conference Room at Tejas was torn down last week.

The concrete wall was showing its age and starting to lean over and the tennis court hadn’t actually been used for tennis in years. The space had been a gathering place for multitudes of games over the years: volleyball, basketball, 9 square, gaga ball, and of course at one time tennis! It was also used during our Lights Of Tejas Christmas festival as a light maze and most recently for the popular Texas Snowball Showdown.

So why tear down an area that receives such high use?

A few reasons. We didn’t want the retaining wall to become a hazard and the concrete look of it didn’t match the rest of Tejas, plus we are getting ready to add some electric power lines for the new Cunningham Terrace project. The terrace will feature beautifully landscaped pathways and grass areas for guests to gather and relax. The infrastructure to adequately power and light the terrace didn’t exist and Blue Bonnet Electric needed to come right through the tennis court to make it happen. In the end, it wasn’t a hard decision because all of the game activities can still be done at Tejas, just their location changed and we are excited to provide a wonderful new terrace area that embodies the refreshing peace that can be found here at Tejas.

See photos of the demolition