The Summer Ministry Team (SMT) at Tejas has been used as a tool for God to work in the lives of students ages 16-25 for many years. These students get to come together for a summer of service and discipleship that is life-changing. The SMT live together on site and work every day in various areas of ministry from lifeguarding to food service. There is intentional time set aside for bible study, group discussions, personal quiet time, and peer accountability. But, more importantly, the Holy Spirit is alive among this diverse group of Christian guys and girls. It is a joy for the Tejas full time staff to pour into these students every summer, and we hope you will pray for them with us as they return home mid-August. Here is what the SMT have to say about their experience this summer:

“I have grown in confidence and in faith. Because of this summer, I am not ashamed to be who I am. So much has changed; I’m a completely different person now. I’m getting over my past and I needed God to be able to do that. All the people here at Tejas helped me too.” – Emily

“Tejas SMT is much more of a real Christian community than other faith-based groups I have been a part of. We all care about each other and take care of each other like Christians should. Guys’ Discipleship nights have been fantastic. The book we’re reading, ‘The Cure,’ is a must-read for everybody. I have been learning a lot and it has been a very spiritually nourishing summer.” – Phillip

“Because of this summer I am more outgoing and I work better with people. Tejas is a very supportive environment.” – Jared

“I am more comfortable in my own skin, comfortable wearing no makeup, and loving myself for who I am. Being an SMT helped me grow in being able to understand God’s word and prayer more, and it helped me be able to pray all the time.” – Meghan

“What makes the SMT program so special is the fact that it empowers the staff and lets them stand alone with minor supervision. The SMT create the community and the summer becomes what we make it together.” – Tim

“Because of this summer I deal with stress better and I have become more patient and humble. Visiting home and being with my friends, I see how much I’ve changed for the better. I can see why God brought me here.” – Diana