I am blessed with the joy of raising four kids. God knew what my wife and I needed and through His perfect plan, brought us on a journey that only He could have devised. In 2010 my wife and I decided to become foster parents to three young brothers. They needed us and we needed them. I say that because we were able to help meet their physical need of parents to raise them and they met our need to understand God’s love more deeply. Over the last 5 years of going from being their foster parents to their adoptive, there have been many ups and downs, but Christ was there the whole time orchestrating it all. Today we are a forever family and the responsibility of bringing them up in a Christ honoring way is real. To sweeten the deal, God blessed us with a daughter a couple months ago. An event we thought was impossible, but obviously not for God.

I share my story to show that families all look different though God designs each one. Tejas fits in this picture because these families are striving to raise kids who love Christ and know Him as their personal savior. Summer camp at Tejas is a part of this process and is being used as a tool to share the love of Christ with over 6,000 children. Thank you for praying for Tejas and being a part of the plan to serve as Christ served, train in the Good News and to encourage children in their relationship with Christ.