The kitchen staff at Tejas will soon have a new place to grill. The current area for the grills is just an outdoor space between the kitchen and giftshop and this space will soon be repurposed as part of the Cunningham Terrace project.

Our new outdoor grill house is still close to the kitchen, but the new location opens up the walkway to the gift shop. We also had the Maas Butane Gas company come out to remove the above ground propane tank and install a new underground one for us.

Our staff members Matt and Jeff and a team of volunteers from Campers On Mission did a fantastic job blending old and new materials during the construction. The old came from a local neighbor, Vera Archer, who allowed us to tear down a shed she had on her property. Her generosity provided us with metal roofing, roof trusses, and lumber that all have the wonderful weathered look. The finished grill house matches the surroundings perfectly and looks like it has always been here. The next time you come to Tejas be sure to check out all the improvements surrounding the Cunningham Conference Room.

See photos of the construction