If you have been on Tejas property recently you have probably seen lots of dump trucks, excavators, dirt piles, and the occasional open hole in the ground. All of this means we have officially started Phase Two of our Dining Hall expansion! To prepare for this phase of construction our power lines were rerouted, the maintenance crew laid new water pipe lines, and two trees were removed.

The construction crew is currently working on removing the current dining hall porch, and the ground is being leveled so we can pour concrete. Within the next two months we expect the crew will have the metal framework for the pavilion structure erected, the roof added, and ceiling lights installed.

There is still a whole lot more to come on the Dining Hall, and you can be involved. We are looking for individuals, churches, or organizations to partner with us for Phase Three. For more information, please contact Paul Biles at 979-595-5569.

Check back often for more updates on Phase Two of the Dining Hall expansion.

See Photos of the Dining Hall expansion ⇒