With summer in full swing here at Tejas, it is incredible to see how God is working in the lives of the campers and guests. Our media team has the privilege and joy to capture moments of life change every day through photos and videos. Each week, we seek out campers and counselors and ask them to share with us what God has taught them, or what changes He made in their life while at Tejas for those few precious days. Standing and soaking in the sun and breeze while looking off to the side they typically get a small smile on their face as they contemplate the many ways that God has shown them His infinite love and grace. They talk about their leaders and peers, the worship, and listening to the words of a passionate speaker as ways that God touched their lives. We would like to share with you some quotes straight from some Community Bible Church campers that were here in June so you can hear first-hand what is on their hearts:

“One more time Satan said, ‘Nathaniel, you aren’t worthy,’ and I was done. And I said, ‘I am worthy!’ at the top of my lungs. And I started saying I was worthy from the time I was born, because Jesus Christ died for my sins. And it’s because of this week that I can say I’m leaving this camp a new and a changed person that’s going to share the word of God with everyone in my path, by my actions and by my words, no matter what I experience. Because of this camp and because of that worship service, I’m a new man.”

“Yesterday, when the amazing service happened, I finally sat down at lunch with the pastor and I just asked him questions that had always been on my heart, and they were so simple answers, but I had never been willing to ask them to anybody. I just think this whole entire experience has just been God-oriented and God has had his hand in it because things that happened at this camp…they just can’t happen unless God is doing it.”

“I’ve been going to CBC Church for three years now, but I’ve never really felt a major connection with God. I know he’s there, but I felt like I wasn’t really connected to him. So I came here and from the first night I started to feel like I was free and I think the night that really broke me down and made me want to trust in Him was when we did the weights. When we put them up on the cross and gave our sins to him. It was really nice to know that I didn’t have to carry that burden anymore. When we threw it in the lake, it felt like it was finalized, and I accepted Christ and tonight I’m being baptized.”