Tejas Summer Camps

Tejas partners with churches to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives through their summer camps. We provide lodging, recreation, and food services for rental in the summer. We do not register individual campers. If you are interested in finding a church for your camper, please contact one of the churches in the “Find a Church to Register” section.

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Why Summer Camp?

Be Transformed

While Summer Camp is an exciting time in a young person’s life, it provides more than just a fun break away from the regular routine. It provides a safe, inspiring place for kids to think about their futures; discover the power of God; and learn that He has an amazing plan for each and every person. The best experiences happen at camp for some kids; but memories that last a lifetime are remembered by all kids that go to camp.

Forge Friendships

Even though camp is a short time, kids are able to form friendships that last through their entire lives. A positive influence can make a big difference in a kid’s life. Life is a challenging thing to navigate, and here at Tejas we know that the connections made at camp sometimes turn out to be the best compasses in life. What happens at Tejas does not stay at Tejas; it goes with campers into a world where friendships become anchors, memories become encouragement, and lessons become teachings.

Have Fun

When the temperature heats up, campers will stay cool. Whether they are relaxing in a shady spot at the Cunningham Terrace, swimming at one of our two lakes, jumping from the water zip lines, or sliding down the Wet Willy slides, campers are sure to have plenty to do to keep off the summer heat! Our large swimming pool even features its own water slide and lazy river. Campers also have the option to participate in activities in our indoor accommodations and conference rooms, all of which are blessed with the AC.


Familiar Faces to Tejas Camp


Familiar Faces to Tejas Camp



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