“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” –Hebrews 13:8

A few years ago I flew to Oregon to visit one of my best friends. I left really early in the morning and got to see the sun rise through my airplane window. It was one of the most beautiful things I have seen. It really amazed me, though, because as we descended to the airport, it was really cloudy and rainy. As I thought about that during my time in Oregon and also on the way home, it struck me that no matter what-whether it’s cloudy, stormy, snowing, etc.-above it all, the sun is always shining…doing what it was created to do: rise, shine, and set…day after day.

Some people say that’s too optimistic. I see it as a beautiful reflection of the God I know. I think the reason I love sunrises and sunsets so much is because it consistently reminds me of the constancy of God. People change, circumstances change, we go through stormy seasons and times when it seems like we’re walking through a fog. But just like we can count on the sun to rise in the morning, set in the evening, and burst through the darkness, so we can count on God to always come through, always be faithful…to always just BE GOD.

He is enough in every circumstance. He is the One who gives us the breath we breathe. He is the One who is Peace. He is the One who is the Strength to help us put one foot in front of the other. He is the One who is Joy in the midst of difficult circumstances. He is the one who gives us just what we need for the day we are going to face. God is the One constant in life.

His faithfulness has been timeless, and He won’t stop now.