Deferred maintenance is one of the ongoing battles in working with a facility and especially a camp! Our ability to juggle maintenance over the last year has allowed us to keep the facilities that were still being used up and running and we let others wait patiently on the side until they were ready to shine.

The great news is that with the state opening up, people are able to get out and come experience camp! We are seeing churches, who put retreats on the side for a time, are now coming back. Summer camp is filling up even faster than we thought.

So now the challenge is starting to replace and repair and get the full facility up and running again so that we can fully set the stage for Jesus to transform lives. For example when a couple of water heaters went out in the kitchen, we “borrowed” from unused cabins. Now we are replacing the missing water heaters. 

There are countless things like this that we are working on to prepare Tejas. Please continue to pray that we get the help and funds needed to do this. You can still be a part of this and if you want to help out, send me a note or give online.

Lastly, I also want to encourage you to look at your own spiritual life. There are tough seasons where we might lose focus and put our walk with Jesus aside. We unintentionally think that we will get back into reading God’s word or praying daily, and then all of a sudden we are feeling broken and in disrepair. All we need to do is go to Jesus, call out to Him and seek the transforming love that can heal and bring us close to our creator.



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