Are we starting with a blank slate?

This morning I was reading The Post-Quarantine Church” by Thom Rainer and came across this:  “The post-quarantine era may prove to be one of the most challenging seasons for churches and their leaders. The opportunity to lead change is likely greater than at any other point in our lifetimes. Without a doubt, the world has changed. Without a doubt, Western culture has shifted; and it has shifted largely against churches. Without a doubt, most church leaders have not been trained and equipped for this new season. Still, it is a season of opportunity. In some ways, it is like a blank slate. One pastor stated it succinctly and well: “I feel like I’m back in my church planting days,” he said. “I really need to lead my church to start over in most areas. I am both excited and nervous.””

Wow, that is so true and much like what camps across the nation are going through as well. We love serving our church community and hurt for them and the challenges ahead but also are excited to come alongside them as they rebuild. Tejas has also been challenged and as we rebuild, I find myself even more focused on what we need to do to partner with ministries and bring about opportunity for Jesus to transform lives.

I would argue that we are not starting with a blank slate but building on the last 40 years and continuing to set the stage for the next generation. Here, a youth group from Temple, TX is partnering with us to help maintain our fence and we helped them have a chance to retreat together. This is what excites me so much, seeing God’s people come together for a greater purpose.

– Paul


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